Tuesday JS visual novel engine

is a simple web-based, free and open-source visual novel editor that can be used in a web browser. It is written in JavaScript without using any third party libraries and thus does not require additional software installation. The engine uses standard HTML document elements such as div and img. This allows the use of any media format supported by browsers including vector graphics svg, gif animations and css styles.

The editor is designed to create interactive fiction, graphic or kinetic novels without knowledge of programming languages. It uses a drag and drop interface for scene editing and to make interfaces. The story script is displayed as a flowchart node with all plot elements and branches. This makes it easier to navigate and helps you create a great story with many plot options.

The editor is available as a standalone application for Android devices and desktops. All versions are fully compatible with each other and have the same interface.

visualization structure script

The editor displays the structure of the script with all elements such as dialog options and selection consequences. This makes it easier to navigate and edit the script.
Scene editor

The scene editor can arrange all the elements in their places. It also shows how the scene will change on different screens. In the scene layout you can use standard HTML units in percentage pixels or centimeters to better adapt the scene to different screens.
visual Drag and drop scene editor
Localization list of supported languages

Tuesday.JS provides an extensive methodology to localize stories into other languages. You can set the localized translation for almost any element of your project including text and graphics. The preview function allows you to run the project in the selected language. All language texts can also be exported to a table csv file for editing or adding localizations in another editor.

A story script has all the elements stored in a JSON structure. Almost any programming language can work with this format. This allows you to port your script to another engine or platform. The editor has a built-in tool to work with JSON. This will allow you to edit the entire contents of the script or just the selected element.
JSON editor tool
Preview project

Preview allows you to start a project from a certain point in the script with the selected localization.
Runtime tuesday.js

You can use all Tuesday.js functions without using the visual editor. By enabling editing the json file directly you will have your choice of editor to use. You can find more information about RunTime and JSON script options in the documentation
Color converter

Tuesday.JS allows conversion of RGB to HEX color formats and vice versa. You can also get a color directly from an image. There are additional functions for calculating the proportional aspect ratio when resizing the image
Text converter

You are able to convert plain story text to JSON for Tuesday.JS. The text converter will split story text into small parts for use in dialogues.

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Laurent Gontier Argosa Marcus Bell Arne Krause

Spanish translator:  @matiasdesu French translation:  Laurent Gontier

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